Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Roberto 11 x 17, oil on canvas

Khrystina, oil on wood
Room 258, oil on panel

North Pond, 12 x 9, oil on canvas
Anne, 11 x 17, oil on canvas

 Recent alla prima portraits, a plein-air study, and a self portrait. I wanted to observe more of the space around me, the warm and cool lights from my friends who were all working on their own paintings. The plein air was done in a 4 hour session in Lincoln Park. There were small patches of snow still left over from the last snowstorm we had here sitting on the tree trunk reflecting in the high sun at noon.


  1. Such great work man! The composition of the blonde girl's portrait is so powerful, that blue V created by her clothes really draws me in. The composition in your self portrait is very ingenious and intriguing, the colors of the background look almost underwatery. It's always nice to see your work.

  2. Thank you Ed, it's good to hear from you and read what you think. I watch your work as well, but for some reason can't comment on it unless you turned off comments.